Jessica Zollman,

also known as "Jayzombie," is a self-taught photographer from San Francisco who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. A love of photography since childhood and an established career in the tech industry lead Jessica to a role as Instagram's fifth employee, serving as their Community Evangelist for nearly two years. In 2013 she set out on her own to pursue her passion for taking pictures full-time. Jessica's work is often a reflection of her personality or mood. She's drawn to vibrant colors, straight lines, geometric patterns, and nature in unnatural settings.

Selected Clients

Apple / Audi / Warner Brothers / eBay / Google / Chipotle / Hallmark / Ford / Focus Features / St-Germain / Sony / Amtrak / Verizon / Converse / Hilton Hotels / Square / General Electric / Nespresso USA / Warby Parker / Visit Las Vegas

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