Jessica Zollman, also known as "Jayzombie," is a self-taught photographer from San Francisco who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. A love of photography since childhood and an established career in the tech industry lead Jessica to a role as Instagram's fifth employee, serving as their Community Evangelist for nearly two years. In 2013 she set out on her own to pursue her passion for taking pictures full-time. Jessica's work is often a reflection of her personality or mood. She's drawn to vibrant colors, straight lines, geometric patterns, and nature in unnatural settings.

Some clients include Apple, Audi, Warner Brothers, Google, Chipotle, Hallmark, Ford, eBay, Focus Features, St-Germain, Amtrak, Sony, Verizon, Converse, Hilton Hotels, Square, General Electric, Nespresso USA, Warby Parker, and Visit Las Vegas.



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